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Please sign to show your support to attempt to have Amendment One overturned!


So it’s voting day in NC today. I voted 2 weekends ago, because damned if I was going to miss something like this.

I will admit, I am extremely easily angered about this. After all, they are talking about some of my rights being taken away. Granted, I’m not currently invoking any of these rights, but I may want to one day.

I came across this on Facebook this morning, and I just had to share. It gives me a sliver of hope that, even if it passes now, it may one day be revoked. 

After I see his response to the issues raised, I will unfriend him, but until then, enjoy this facebook convo about amendment one. (I would point out the 5th comment down as one of my favorites of the day)





Today, I sat down with my parents for dinner. They had just bought new smart phones, and I was setting the phones up for them. At one point, there was a lull in the conversation, so I brought up something that has been weighing on my mind a lot recently - Amendment One. 

You have to understand, first off, that my parents have know I am gay for a good 10 years now. This is not a surprise to anyone. I thought we had come to a pretty good place in our relationship, where they accepted me and my lifestyle. While they would never be thrilled about it, they will at least tolerate it.

So I made the mistake of asking about Amendment One, and how they would vote. Both of my parents gave me the thin lipped smile that told me right off they were going to tell me something I didn’t like. Yes, of course they were going to vote for it, why wouldn’t they? After all, the amendment was ONLY going to define marriage. They then proceeded to tell me why that needed to be done. That yes, while gay marriage was thing they were worried about happening in our state, there were other things like children being able to get married or pedophilia, beastiality and polygamy.

I honestly was floored. I didn’t realize that two consenting adults in a relationship was ANYTHING like what was listed above.

So I immediately went into my reasoning on why you should vote AGAINST it. First of all, gay marriage was already illegal in NC. So what’s the big deal? Domestic Partnerships for one. I even argued it from a straight point of view - how if this passed, hospital rights would be taken away from unmarried couples, parents may not be able to get their children listed as dependents, and women who are not married would be stripped of their domestic violence rights.

Still, they didn’t budge.

I got home about an hour and a half ago - still raging over what had happened. They were so uninformed about the entire thing - they hadn’t bothered to research it. They were going to go to the polls and vote to strip people of their rights because they haven’t done the research.

I wrote them this email. I doubt it will do anything - but who knows, maybe it will.

So I was doing some more research, and I thought I would send you some information about Amendment one, to help you make your decisions. I ask you to pay close attention to the portion that I’ve enclosed within this email. 

Here are some other great sites for reasons to vote AGAINST it.
Just for good measure, I’ll throw in the reasoning to vote FOR it that the main Amendment One advocates posted on their website:
I find it interesting that they’re focusing on GAY MARRIAGE which, coincidentally, is already illegal in NC. I don’t know about you, but that reminds me a lot of the 60’s and 70’s when the civil rights movement was going on. Back then, traditional marriage was between two consenting adults of opposite gender with the same skin tone. When that changed, people got mad too - after all, it’s the way things had always been in our country. What’s really the difference between then (two consenting adults that society didn’t want to marry) and now (two consenting adults that society doesn’t want to marry). On top of that, wouldn’t the biggest threat to marriage be divorce? I don’t see any constitutional amendments about divorce being outlawed coming up anytime soon.
Regardless, they don’t mention ANYTHING about the impact on other types of families.
Why are we focusing on something like Amendment one and defining marriage when we should be focusing on creating jobs, reducing the size of our government, reducing our national debt, lowering taxes, protecting USA? This feels like our State House and Senate have been wasting our time and money debating something/attempting to pass something that should be WAY DOWN their list of important things to deal with. Last I checked,our schools still sucked (we fall below the national average,our teachers were paid the least (12th lowest),our gas tax is the 3rd highest in the country, and ourunemployment rate is over 9.5% (we are 47th).


In Ohio, the passage of a similar amendment meant relationships other than marriage were no longer recognized under domestic violence statutes. Ohio’s choice to enshrine a similar amendment into their constitution meant that domestic violence statutes protecting unmarried women were unenforceable until the state’s Supreme Court unraveled the legal mess some three years later. 

In the meantime, dozens of batterers were released from jail, and cases were thrown out of court simply because abusers were not married to their victims. This put unmarried women and their children in danger.

“Ohio voters who approved a constitutional amendment…probably didn’t envision the measure being successfully used as a defense in domestic violence cases.” 

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

Amendment One’s language is even more broad and overreaching than the Ohio amendment, leaving our constitution open for an even more dangerous result. 

Even Sen. Dan Soucek, an Amendment One sponsor, acknowledged the possibility that the far-reaching constitutional rewrite could threaten North Carolina’s domestic violence laws. “There is some question in the courts as to how that will all work out,” he told The Huffington Post, one month prior to the primary vote (April 9, 2012). 

Also, attached is an interesting representation of marriage(s) - from the old testament at least - in the Bible.